Subsea Solutions

Our range of subsea services include Subsea inspection service, Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) services and Hoses services.

Our specialised teams assist in identifying, assessing and controlling subsea risks that could impact marine assets, crew, image or the environment.

ROV Services

For both shallow and deep-water applications, we provide ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) services and tooling solutions, deploying a diverse fleet of world class and inspection class ROV systems.

Through our technical alliances and highly trained marine engineers, we offer unique economic solutions and wide range of applications with uncompromised performance and dependability.

Inspection Services

We go the extra mile to provide full range of underwater surveys and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections (such as visual and video surveys, CP protection and thickness measurement, MPI, ACFM, etc.)

Our subsea inspection services include accurate documentation (including video/picture reports) within the context of various purposes such as long-term inspection campaigns, support for certification, UWILDs etc.

Hoses Services

Based on technical know-how and synergies with our other activities (Marine, Diving, ROV), we are completely autonomous and comply with IMCA recommendations, our divers & riggers perform towing and change-out operations, on-site inspections, and maintenance, including the following:

  • Regular preventive maintenance of Offloading lines
  • Offloading line disconnection/connection
  • Hose replacement and Change-out operation
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