Offshore Support Services

At Sellafield, we provide a broad range of highly specialised services associated with the execution of offshore support services.

In addition, we have dedicated teams of experts to handle the preparation of detailed procedures and execution plans associated with various types of marine operations. These include Line and Hose Handling, CALM Buoys Services, Mooring Services and Stevedoring services.

Our key objective is the implementation of the best available theoretical approaches and practical solutions.

Line and Hose Handling

We offer complete hose management services from offloading flexible lines connection service to export tankers and vessels management, and our teams of professional divers are qualified to perform the essential routine controls and maintenances on floating and subsea lines.

We also carry out maintenance on hose strings or entire lines, as well as all associated equipment.

CALM Buoy Services

Through our long term partnership, we provide complete supply, installation and maintenance services for Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) buoys Service.

Our scope of services include the supporting equipment such as floating hoses, subsea hoses, as well as the provision and the maintenance of all ancillary equipment such as hose end valves, spool pieces and chains.

Mooring Services

Sellafield’s marine personnel are specialists within offshore support, logistical and transportation services from planning to operational phase, and are able to provide mooring analysis, procedures and assistance for execution of complex mooring operations, rig movement and anchor handling vessels.

Stevedoring Services

As part of our stevedoring services, our skilled personnel are trained and equipped to handle tasks such as the placing, sorting, fastening, lashing and protection of cargo load aboard the vessel. We provide and operate the transport vehicles as forklifts, cranes and other specific vehicles in marine operations.

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