About Us

About Us

Sellafield Energy Resources Limited is a leading provider of resources and services to Nigeria's energy sectors. The company has within a short time emerged as a reference point in the sourcing and provision of personnel, technology, equipment and general materials, amongst other critical resources to our growing number of clients in oilfields and power plants operations.

The Sellafield offering is a culmination of years of acquired knowledge and first-hand experience in the upstream subsector of the oil and gas industry, and with a quest to breaking new grounds we have surged into power generation over the last four years. We have continued to provide operational, logistics and technological requirements with a keen emphasis on service delivery.

We believe in long term growth and development, thus our strategies are continually aligned to these plans, aspirations and vision of our founders, with the primary objective to consistently delight our customers.

Our Vision

To become the provider of choice for oil and gas services, while exceeding our customers' expectations through superior service delivery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide these services to the highest standards of quality and in accompanying we will:

  • Hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct.

  • Compete in new markets where our core competences, both new and traditional, benefit the customer.

  • Support and protect the natural environment and the communities in which we work.

  • Develop or acquire new technologies, which will make our products and services the best the market can offer.

  • Provide for the professional and technical development of our employees,empower them through Total Quality Management and foster them in the spirit of innovation and teamwork.