Technical Assistance & Inspection

Technical Assistance
Outsourcing Services

At Sellafield, we believe that every industry depends on its people – on their expertise, their training, their attitudes and their commitment. The volatility of the oil and gas industry makes special demands on workforce at all levels. We fully appreciate that dynamic nature of our client's needs and goals, and anticipate strategic changes in project portfolios or geographic operations.

With Sellafield Energy, technical assistance is always available. We have technical experts in all fields who can be outsourced to you to in Short and Long term basis to carry out your work, which will largely reduce the hassle of hiring and training the employees as our employees already have necessary experience in their own field and our in-house training staff will be giving constant inputs so that our employees are always a step ahead to meet all the project requirement within the stipulated time.

Technical Assistance Services

Our manpower support services include but are not limited to:






Tax Remittance

Medical Cover

Work Permits/Visas


We have expanded and enhanced our competencies for the future, ensuring our solutions can meet the technical and operational specifications we have identified as being critical for our anticipated clients’ requirements. Our solutions are developed for tough Offshore environment to ensure reliable, efficient and safe operation on-board any offshore unit. We are also capable of providing inspection and repair duties on-board or at marine terminals.

We offer a wide range of Inspection Services to Onshore & Offshore industries to ensure Equipment Facilities, products and Systems comply with all the applicable requirements. Such services include:

  • Third Party Inspection
  • Asset Integrity Inspection and Management

Inspection Services

These services include:

Static Equipment Maintenance

  • Boilers and heat exchangers
  • HVAC Systems (installation, commissioning and maintenance)
  • Valve maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

  • Fire & Security Alarms
  • Generators & UPS systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Power supply
  • Thermal Imaging

Mechanical Integrity Inspection

  • NDT Specialist Services
  • Piping Inspection
  • Tank Inspection and Re-certification
  • Vessel Inspection and Re-certification
  • Valve Inspection and Servicing

Life Extension Services

  • Corrosion protection
  • Development of a life extension work scope
  • Engineering and Compliance support
  • Failure mode and effect analysis
  • Implementation of plans and budget
  • Project management and site execution
  • Risk-based inspection

Rotating Equipment Maintenance

  • Compressors (reciprocating, centrifugal)
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance (Vibration, oil analysis, borescope)
  • Equipment reliability assessment and improvement
  • Gas turbine, gearboxes, internal combustion engines
  • Pumps (reciprocating, centrifugal, screw, gear)

Corrosion Management Services

  • Coating and CP survey
  • Coating maintenance plans and campaign execution
  • Corrosion and fabric maintenance services
  • Corrosion, inspection assessment, and data analysis
  • Database set-up and management
  • Risk, integrity and strategic corrosion management
  • Side-stream monitoring and data analysis

Pipelines Integrity Management Services

  • Detection and prevention of piping defects
  • Development a comprehensive inspection program
  • Monitoring, review, and analysis of pipelines inspection data
  • Pipeline reinforcement and leak repair
  • Pipelines barrel doors services and repair
  • Pipelines cleaning and inline inspection services
  • Pipelines valves maintenance and repair
  • Risers integrity assessments, maintenance, and repairs