Drilling Support Services

Drilling Support

Honed through years of service, Sellafield has developed robust solutions tailored to provide drilling, well control and completion services. Our teams have a broad range of experience to guarantee the best solution to optimize your drilling capital expenditure.

Our Senior Completion Specialists, Wireline Supervisors and Field Supervisors are well-trained and vast in the installation of completion equipment at well sites located at different geographical locations on call out basis. Our key service provisions include:

  • Supply, Hoisting and Operation of Drilling rigs
  • Well completion services
  • Well control monitoring and management services

Supply, Hoisting and Operation of Drilling rigs

Through our ever-growing alliances with technical partners, we are positioning ourselves to be a supplier and service provider of choice for rigs, hoisting and all associated platform operations.

Well Completion Services

Our expertise delivers optimized economics and less risk, non-producing time and well-possession time. Our array of completion equipment include- down-hole pressure control equipment, external casing packer, production packers and associated accessories, Hydraulic flapper, diverter tools, gravel pack equipment, ball and multi-positional type valves and all the necessary jewelries to run different completions including singles, duals, horizontals and multilaterals. Our highly qualified and experienced personnel are resourced for such activities as:

  • Perforation Services
  • Gravel Packing Services
  • Fracturating Services
  • Well Engineering Maintenance

Well Control Management & Monitoring Services

Sellafield’s well control program is coordinated by the most experienced personnel to respond to any well control situation. We have a robust well control planning based on well control engineering, documented and tested emergency response procedures. Our response services include:

  • Firefighting
  • Blowout response procedures
  • Underground flows and uncontrolled kicks
  • Re-heading services
  • High pressure/temperature onsite support

We also provide wellhead support services such as:

  • Management of the work pack, HSE management, and Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Provision of Corrective Maintenance Interventions for well head valves
  • Data collection and compilation

Drilling Support Services

Drilling Management & Supervision

Drilling & Petroleum Engineering

Fluid & Cement Engineering

Well Testing & supervision

Completion engineering & supervision

Rig Operations, Stimulation & HSE Supervision